My Labor BFF

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My Labor BFF Includes:

  • Different coping techniques to help you not only survive but thrive during labor without the use of common labor pain-relieving drugs​
  • A breakdown of what takes place within your body during each stage of labor. Not only physically, but emotionally​
  • Simple tips and support guidelines for your labor partner to follow so that they can serve you better during labor
  • What good is a friend if you can't talk hormones?Everything you need to know about your labor hormones from what they do, to tips on how you can help encourage your body to produce more (or less) of them​
  • No good friend will let you labor on your back. No Way! My Labor BFF comes with several suggestions and pictures of effective positions you can try during labor!​
  • Want to know how to push (and how not to) effectively without tearing during labor? Great! Your new BFF will let you in on all of that​
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My Labor BFF

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